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Bookmarks on chrome disabled

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Hi folks

Not sure if this has happened to other sites or users, but users who had previously used the bookmarks feature on Google chrome browser arent able to add or delete the bookmarks anymore?  The ability seems to have been disable for the  user?

Any ideas, i called the helpdesk last year about this but it wasnt an issued at that time i didnt get a resolution.

no but complaints in her with it to. it seems to be from the offically rolled out chrome as the default browser theirs seems to be a policy that disables the ability to log into the browser with your personal gmail account which is used to store favourites i think.

I can add or remove bookmarks in Chrome with no issues


I can add or remove as well and have had no complaints from staff about it either. Maybe it's just an issue with her profile?


The only issue I've had with bookmarks in Chrome seems to be that they seem to be stored locally to the workstation and users cant access them when logging into various workstations throughout the school


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