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Any recommendations for a camera for school photography


Hi folks

Just wondering if any of you would have any recommendations for a DSLR camera for school photography.  The principal wants a decent camera for sharper and brighter photos?  Although i do understand alot of this has to do with the conditions and settings of any camera.  Ideally a point and shoot camera?  It could also be used for video recording. Any recommendations would be appreciated. If you have any examples of photo quality that would be great.

The lens is more important than the camera for quality - put a cheap lens on an expensive camera and you risk getting poor quality images. Put an expensive lens on a cheap camera and you will get decent images. Yes the camera does play it's part but the optics have to be good in the first place.
My advice would be to buy 2nd hand. My cameras range , in price, from 700 to 5500 if bought brand new. All mine are 2nd hand and the most I paid was 450 :)
If you decide to go down the 2nd hand route I'd recommend WEX Photo in Belfast, they can have a great selection and you normally get a few months warranty.

Yeah as casper said don't cheap out, you will regret it later.

I have a second hand 6d MKii that the school bought off one of the teachers for me, think they paid 1000 for body only a few years ago. I have an old coming on 12 years canon 70-200 mk1 F2.8 lens and a relatively new Canon 50mm F1.8.

Check with WEX, you can sometimes rent different cameras for not too much and test them out.

Don't forget you will need SD cards(i keep about 5 on me at all times when shooting, ive had a few fail mid shoot) a decent bag and possibly a tripod(dont cheap out on this either).

Had a quick look online and the Canon R seems to be the replacement for the 6d mkii.

Good thing about this camera is the full frame and 4k video so you can do photography and 4k video recording in one unit, you just need to remember the video recording is limited to 30mins before it cuts out.

I would say you'll spend another 200-300 on accessories


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