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Port replicator and problems


We have been told that the port replicators are being delivered to us week beginning 9/5/22. One for each Surface


The travel replicator only supports one external monitopr at a time. We planned to have a full size screen on the teachers desk and the projector connected at the same time but that will not work. One display will  not have anything on the screen when both the vga and hdmi are connected. The replicator remembers the last device plugged in. More problems thatn solutions.

Microsofts blurb

he USB-C travel hub adapter is limited to 1 display output at a time. If you need a connection to 2 or more displays at the same time, the Surface Dock is recommended to use.

Limitations noted:

You canít use the VGA and HDMI ports at the same time. If you have a VGA cable and HDMI cable connected to your monitor and hub when you turn on your computer, the HDMI port will be used.

The last video connection will be used. For example, if you have an HDMI connector plugged into the HDMI port on your hub, then plug into the VGA port with another cable, the VGA connection will be used. If you wanted to use the HDMI connection again, you could unplug the HDMI connector from your hub, then plug it back in.

Use HDMI if you have a choice. Youíll get a higher-resolution display.


Only one monitor (HDMI or VGA) can be used at a time
Cannot charge laptop when using hub since passthrough PD charging is not supported

Seen you cant charge it while on the hub also.

Pity it is not displayport or you could use

Have you tired a VGA/ HDMI splitter on it ?

We haven't received ours yet so can't test myself


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