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Hi folks, just wondering whether anyone has used the OneNote Classroom ( as opposed to just OneNote. I know C2K are pushing GAFE but the OneNote Classroom is superb (I am using the trial version, separate from my C2K account). The reason I ask is that the full version requires Office Faculty/Education subscription but our C2K accounts don't have the OneNote access (through the portal / apps) switched on which means I can't access the Classroom version of OneNote without setting up and paying for separate Office Education/Faculty subscriptions. Just wondering whether anyone else has been exploring this or can offer any insight.


Hmm, I just tried this and using my c2k email address ( goto to OneNote Class Notebook welcome page asking me did I want to create a class, add/remove students, add/ remove teachers or get notebook links.

As I don't use OneNote I am not sure what I should/ shouldnot be looking for.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the reply - yes it seems to be that we can get as far as that page - but as soon as a new class is created or add/remove pupils it will return with an error message - it would be interesting to see whether c2k managers have more access rights to proceed to creating a notebook etc.  I have used the free 30 day trial and it is considerably better than ordinary one note - individual pupil areas and collaboration areas etc. But as soon as that trial runs out each user (students included) would need an Office Education subscription - I suspect there is a pretty easy solution given that c2k are already subscribed to the relevant package and it should be a case of amending user access/rights.

Thanks again! 

Your right I get an error message as well. You could always phone the helpdesk on this and ask if it is part of the Microsoft arrangement or if they could turn it on for you - nowt to lose.


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