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uploaded an excel document created by some one else... just wondering if any of you know how to do it as it would be very handy for me

basically i want to know how to get rows in excel to stay at the top of the screen when i scroll down the page making it easier to fill in forms etc

could be someting really basic or it could be more advanced but i aint got a clue  8)

On the scroll bar just above the "up" pointing arrow  .. the cursor changes shape .... click and drag. ......  :?   though I've just had a look at that attachment and it seems to be locked some way   :?

Select the row you want to stay visible


    > Window > Freeze pane

Think that's what you want

Casper, just having a look at that . it seems to freeze the top ten rows no matter if I select 1 or 12 (for example) rows.  And the first 6 columns.  Is that right ?  Or am I being dumb again ?  :?

Sorry my mistake. Select the row after the one you want to remain static and freeze pane.


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