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Hello everyone,

Recieved a new pc for the school secretary,  on her old pc She uses MS Money, this is no longer available but they need it on the new system becasue the school is backwards and they fuss about these things even though they use them once a year.....oh and the school don't have the original discs etc. can i copy the setup files from one pc to another, i've copied the files in the 'target' directory of the MS shortcut but hey.....i studied environmental science and im not sure what to do :) they dont work on the new system. Is a pc to pc transfer the best solution and if so how is it achieved?

I might juts check bit torrent at home for a version, Microsoft do have a new version called Sunset but its only for USA.

Cheers peeps

You probably just cant copy it from one installed directory on the old machine to a new directory on the new machine but give it a go. If you are the local admin or whatever it is called with both machines turned on log into the new machine, run internet explorer and type in the address \\DENI_Number-Station_ID\c$
Where DENI_NNumber is the schools deni number and
Station id is the machines unique identifier
eg \\12345-st123\c$
This will give you access to the hard drive on the old machine use that to copy the folder containing MS Money to a similar location ion the new machine.
If the program does not work on the new machine then you will need to install it. Note you will not only need the discs, which the secretary should have somewhere (check the flame proof safe) but you will also need the software key (I think).
The problem that might arise by copying folder to folder is that the package may add ini files to the windows directory and settings in the registry during the install, obviously this will not happen in a direct copy so there is a good chance it will not work.


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