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Windows Media Player Sound Problems

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More and more I am finding machines that play files using windows media player but no dialogue comes out just sound effects. I have tried everything I can think off but cannot get the dialogue working. Including setting the speakers to stereo and resetting every default I can find.

It seems to be as if media player thinks there is a surround sound sort of set up and all the sound effects go to the left and right speaker but the dialogue is being sent to a seperate speaker that does not exist. (sort of 2.1, 4.1 sort of set up where you would have a centre speaker under the tv where the speech audio should come out).

I usually install a codec pack that lets teachers play the file using a seperate audio playback software but I am wondering has anyone else encountered this problem?

Install the klite codec pack and see if it fixes the issue, if it does then you have a codec problem.

I generally install the Klite and use it's media player but I would like to know wtf is up with windows media player and how to correct it.

I have to admit Stephen, anytime I get an issue with Media Player I usually install VLC and tell the teacher to use that instead.  Lazy perhaps, but effective in most cases.

I may have had a similar problem a while back - I could play sounds on a computer but a teacher logging on to the same computer couldn't. Deleted her local profile and health checked/reset her profile and it cured the problem.


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