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help- grid on word


iv a bit of a strange problem here on our legacy network...
every ones blank documnet template in microsoft word has changed to Grid paper
and i havent got a clue how to fix it- i done a quick google and it says that by deleteing the "" file in templates that word will create a new copy of the file but how do i do this network wide??   im baffled
also how could this have happened

Easiest way is to reset all profiles but if you are feeling energetic:-
ok, I have been changing default sort of things on my machine.
check to see if the file is stored in the server under their my documents - > settings or under their profiles. I think in this case it is in their N:\My Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
so when they are not on word if you type something like
xcopy "N:\My Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\" \\DENI_No-DC0x\rmstudentwork$\username\My Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates /y
What for everyone I hear you cry!!
No That is the command for 1 but to do the command for all on intake year on 1 server let us say DC01 pupils use a bit of Dos and excel.
First of all map the student area:
Open your My Documents Folder and go up one level so you see the desktop
Right click on my computer and map network drive
In this case I will map drive L:
and I will map it to \\Deni-DC01\rmstudentwork$\2005\
once mapped open a dos box by start run and cmd
at the prompt switch to your mapped drive by typing L: and hitting enter
now we want to create a list of all users in this directory so we pipe the dir command by typing
dir >c:\dc0105.txt
exit dos
open the file c:\dc0501.txt with notepad
highlight all the lines with a pupils username at the end and select copy
open excel and paste into the first column
Then using concatenation and some equations to seperate out the username you can build the command for all users on that DC > Have already put the excel file together Just paste the DIR list into Column A2 and te commands will come out from column f2.
Highlight from F2 down and copy.
Paste into a blank notepad file and call the file fix1.bat or something meaningful as long as it ends in BAT
Run the bat file job done for that bunch.
Note I use this method to add icons onto the teachers desktops in their profiles.
I have attached the excel file if you want to use this long winded method.

 ???  thats hard reading on a friday afternoon... i will make sense of it on monday lol

It just looks complicated, well you are going thru a number of processes to get there so resetting the profile would be easiest.


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