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Does anyone know if there is a way to merge multiple excel documents into one document but on different sheets

Apart from the obvious copy and paste I have never tried to automate this.

Are you talking about a number of files that just use a single worksheet or multiple worksheets?

When you open your work sheet, go to Data - import external data - import data.  You have the option of importing to the current work sheet or to a new one in that file :D

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3 things
1 Does it only import values or can you force it to carry formula across?
2 Why does it put F2 F3 F4 etc across the top of the columns
3 To test this I imported several worksheets.  One of them didn't import properly - it missed several columns of data.
The only difference I can see is that cells in the missed column had comments associated with them.  Would that be the cause?

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Doesn't appear that formulae come across, only values.  Also, I'm not having any problems with either the headings or any missing data....  sorry.


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