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MS Office 2007 Compatability Pack


Has anyone managed to allocate MS Office compatability package onto the workstations?  It wasn't on our RMMC as available to allocate out - a call was logged & low & behold it was enabled...

might be a requirement to log a call to get it allocated to your school's RMMC - thought I'd let you all know to help reduce the amount of file conversions no doubt you're doing!

I have it allocated to main site but some machines didnt install it so I only get the odd conversion to do.

I've had this installed at main site for quite a while now. Used to have it only installed on my on workstation but with the steady increase of pupils (and some staff) saying they had emailed in documents and couldnt open them I thought it best to put it on every machine.

I actually convert some stuff up to 2007, especially if I need pics out of a word document. Just rename the docx extension to zip, unzip the file then go looking for the media folder to get the pictures from the document.


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