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Can anyone tell me if there pupils are able to use combo boxs and also have access to the control tab for that combo box, some of our pupils are working in excel at the min and although i have moved there account from standard to advanced they still can not see the control tab for the combo box.
Anyone come accross this before know a way around this???

found work around but its still strange this is happening, instead of using view/toolbars/control toolbox, and creating a combo
box using this if you use view/toolbox/forms, and create a combo box with this it seems to allow you to see the control tab,
its strange that if you use the control toolbox it doesnt allow you to see the control tab in properties

i've found at times that renaming the N:\My Settings\Application Data

Application Data folder to 'Application Dataold' this fix's this problem same with access

if it works grand just delete the old file - Application Dataold


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